29 July 2016

Olympia works with Jorel Lising to create the transcendent music video for "Nothing Wrong"

A highly stylistic set-up serves as Olympia's playground in her music video for "Nothing Wrong" to mark her official artistic debut. And what else can you expect from one of Logiclub's up and coming artists but pure talent and great material, much like the collective's current roster? The track's visual adaptation doesn't include your usual romance equation. Nope, you won't find any leading men charming your socks off here nor are there hysterics or flashbacks of the good old days in sepia or black and white. Instead, what you get are context clues and subtexts of melancholy and longing of a past love. The entire MV plays out like a dream sequence with the throes of it turning into a nightmare. 

The track in itself is eerie, transcendent, and dreamy, matched with smooth beats and Olympia's undeniable vocal chops. "Nothing Wrong" is an ode to being trapped in love. Olympia begins the song with much conviction, her trance-like vocals rising over the catchy tune, with the line I won't be your slave again, which descends into a slippery slope in her narrative. She ends with the same line she started with, reassuring herself, but watch the video and see how the cycle never ends. "Nothing Wrong" tells us that once felt, love can rarely be escaped. It will always haunt you and no matter how hard you try, there's no way out.

Directed by filmmaker Jorel Lising, who does a marvelous job given that this is his first foray into music videos, go on a feels trip by hitting the play button below: 


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