15 July 2016

Podium finish for the Filipino Kiteboarder Christian Tio at the Kiteboarding World Championships

It comes as no surprise that a Filipino's talent is a world-class act. This has been proven time and again in the fields of entertainment, business, and more so, in the arena of sports where the likes of Pacquiao and Michael Martinez are top of mind. Most recently, it's Christian Tio that deserves to be on your radar. Why so, you ask? Well, let us count the ways. 

Photo by Alexandru Baranescu from the Red Bull Content Pool

For one, the young water sport champ who hails from Boracay is only fifteen years old (yes, you read that right folks). And subsequently, Tio braved testy waters and unfavorable weather conditions and held his own at this year's Kiteboarding Youth Cup in the coastal region of Costa Brava, Spain. Tio's signature moves pulled him through and garnered him an impressive finish at third place in the U19 (under 19) Men's category. He then forms the KYC trinity along with Maxime Chabloz from Switzerland and Roman Giuliano from France who came in at first and second places, respectively. Oh, and did we mention that he came in the tournament as the Philippines' first Red Bull sponsored athlete? Plus, he's also looking forward to making his mark at the Pro World Kite Tour and competing with the bigger leagues. Need we say more?

Indeed, the future is looking bright for Christian Tio. Check out more of the action that went down here and from a couple of videos below.


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