18 July 2016

Proudrace brings forth a Swank Collection based on Thrift Store Favorites

Now's the perfect time to get that Macklemore song up your head. Proudrace does it again with their Unisex No. 2 collection, pushing borders with its reinventions on thrift store finds and triple-XL sportswear. Which is probably up the brand's alley, seeing as it's built itself on experimentation and reinterpretation.

Making its debut at the 2016 Fashion Exchange International, the Unisex No. 2 collection goes back to owners Rik Rasos and Pat Bondoc's roots with its 70's vibe and DIY feel - much like digging through ukay-ukay boxes for a possible steal. To see more from Proudrace, you can check their website here.

Source: CNN Philippines


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