22 July 2016

Reese Lansangan gets even with her Laptop Thief with an Original Track

When you’re an artist and you lose something you hold dear, what do you do? Make good art out of the loss, of course. That is exactly what Reese Lansangan did when a duo of thieves stole her 6-month old laptop. In signature Reese Lansangan fashion, she sings of her situation in her quirky, funny way. With her colorful studio as a backdrop, the infectious cheeriness of the whole song and the video masks less-than happy lyrics like “Did you have the time of your life while you were tricking me? Did you have a ball while you were deceiving me?” Everything’s good now, though, as Reese says herself. She has a new laptop now, and a cute, catchy song to boot. 

Photo from Reese Lansangan, shot for Meg Magazine


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