27 July 2016

Squid 9 releases Future Present from his latest album Weld

Squid 9’s latest single Future Present sounds different from his previous releases, but that’s probably the point. In this single off his recently launched album Weld, Squid 9 (i.e. Raymund Marasigan of Sandwich, Eraserheads, and Cambio, among others) fuses different influences, from his own Kraken Modular release from 2004 to synth-pop reminiscent of the ‘80s. Vocals by Jesse Grinter does not come in until halfway through the track, giving the song enough time to warm up and build its momentum. Future Present sounds simple and far from the usual sound of electronic music, but packs enough spunk to guarantee some head-bobbing. Weld is expected to be available online soon. Meanwhile, listen to Future Present below:


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