20 July 2016

Sunnies Studios expands brand through the launch of Sunnies Specs

In three years, Sunnies Studios has gone from a small company with a single product line to a retail empire with sunglasses, prescription eyewear and a café in the works (but we'll talk about that when it opens). With a 200k+ strong cult following, Sunnies has managed to create outstanding brand image and identity to further their collection of highly affordable and high quality products. Last April, they came out with Sunnies Specs to cater to the growing demand of prescription eyewear, but it wasn't until recently that they launched it through an event.

The afternoon kicked off with a press conference, where owners Eric Dee Jr., Bea Soriano-Dee, Georgina Wilson and Martine Cajucom, talked about Sunnies' 360-degree branding. Eye exams also took place during the launch, where frames and prescription eyewear were made available to the press. Come 7pm, everyone had already changed to their outfits and dancing shoes ready to party: Sunnies style -- Picture That '70s Show but in 2016. Tagged as "the party where you meet your internet friends in real life," the Specs Party had influencers, celebrities and other notable personalities as guests, and we just know that everyone had a good time. After that flawlessly thrown house party, we're now more excited to see what Sunnies Studios has in store for the future. Visit #SpecsParty on Instagram to see photos from the event. You can also view the debut campaign below.


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