12 July 2016

THE Clothing brings mayhem at B-Side with THE Block Party 2016

Local lifestyle label THE Clothing brought two street culture hotbeds to B-Side, Makati last Saturday, July 9. THE Block Party 2016 will be remembered as the night Cubao City and Makktown collision caused mayhem like never before, but well worth it for everybody involved. People from different scenes such as skate, art, music, design, and fixie were served according to each type's preference. The event started with skate, fixed gear, and graffiti contests. They then proceeded to music performances, with a diverse lineup featuring bands like Singkopado Sound System, Diego Castillo rocking an all-vinyl  DJ set, hip-hop acts Assembly Generals and GSM, up to the closing act of DJ and drums duo Motherbasss. And the crowd was definitely into it, breaking ounces of sweat with their dancing, moshing, and crowdsurfing. Check out some of our photos below or the full album on our Facebook page for some quick flashbacks if you were there, or to simply witness all the fun that you've missed. We've also included the video of Beast of the East for a more gripping recap of the event.

Photos by Marvin Conanan


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