04 July 2016

Time to CUM OVER with Yung Bawal's New Remix with Ankhten Brown

The thing about today's music is you'll never know what to expect. Local DJ and producer Yung Bawal's new track is no exception - bringing together the soulful tones of R&B angel Aaliyah with the fiery verse of up-and-coming rapper Ankhten Brown.

With an intro reminiscent of early 2000 beats, it's a track that's sure to get your head bobbing by churning out the good vibes of old-school hiphop. And while it somewhat plays off the original Aaliyah tune, the track picks out some of the catchier parts to blend with Brown's suave quips.

For more of these chill beats, check out Yung Bawal's SoundCloud account here.


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