21 July 2016

Watch Clara Benin's Music Video for Closure

Clara Benin’s first ever original composition, Closure, released its official music video last July 6, 2016. This is one of the songs in her album, Human Eyes, which was released back in 2015. Clara wrote this single during her time in College where it became a big hit and gained popularity in the online community. She started playing in coffee shops to a small crowd of people and coincidentally enough, Closure’s MV revolves upon a small coffee shop setting with your typical "paasa" moments with someone you may or may not have a connection with. If you’ve ever gone through the same thing, Closure’s MV will definitely tug at your heart. If you want to find out more about Clara Benin,  you can visit her website here.


God allows us to experienced pain and failure for us to become a better person. To stand still and continue our life's journey. Visit my site for more information.



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