19 July 2016

"Where Do We Go" by Kat Padlan is Your New Nighttime Jam

There are a few songs that capture the subdued haze of a night out. Think skylines and last-minute thoughts, all drowned in an alcoholic reverie. Fortunately enough, "Where Do We Go" by Kat Padlan - produced by JEDLI and mixed by Yung Bawal - is one of them.

Padlan's vocals seem to evoke a familiar, old-soul feel as she sings each verse, all backed by the somber undertones of JEDLI's beats. The result is a convergence of something along the lines of neo-soul and jazz, all amped up with a modern, electro twist. If this is up your alley, you can find more tracks from Kat Padlan here. You could also find more of JEDLI's work here.


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