04 July 2016

Yardstick Levels Up with Cold Coffee Bar and New Retail Concept

Three weeks ago, Yardstick took to social media their boarded up windows with signs that said "In 2006, the blender was the in thing. In 2016, cold brew coffee is king." The Legaspi coffee shop has decided to take a break with intentions of coming back better than ever with #YardstickLeveledUp. Unsure of what Yardstick has up their sleeves, followers (myself included) were excited about what's to come once they reopen their doors. A week has passed, and then two, but they were still closed until just last week when they announced their return from their fishing trip -- that means we can, again, get our coffee fix along Esteban St. From outside, it looks like nothing's changed but as we went in, we were surprised to see a brighter shop with all the retail and display lighting across their coffee bar and counter. Yardstick proves to be the enabler of all things coffee as they push for their specialty coffee supply of espresso machines, specialty beans, and other coffee paraphernalia. They also introduced MT&C, which is their Cold Coffee Bar, a station dedicated to making their cold beverages. Yardstick is also developing their hot kitchen with new and improved dishes to pair with your cup of coffee.

And starting this July, you can now have your single origin beans, espresso blends and cold brew 6-packs delivered right to your doorstep, so you can enjoy Yardstick Coffee anytime anywhere. All you have to do is place an order at their webstore.

Photos by Marvin Conanan


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