26 August 2016

Black & White Photographer Erin Nøir collaborates with KLTRD for a Capsule Collection

The Makati independent community purveyor, KLTRD is at it again. After their successful collaboration with barber collective, Slick Barbers Co., and skate team and brand, Stargate, the brand is set to release another one this coming Saturday. This time they look to photography for the collection's expression, and fittingly, Erin Nøir is who they found. Her passion for the local photography community is similar to KLTRD's passion for the Makati independent culture, a common denominator that drives the collaboration. The Capsule Collection includes t-shirts by KLTRD, and tote bags and postcards by Erin Nøir. It will all be launched this coming Saturday at Satinka Naturals in Makati City, you can visit the event page for more details. There will be music sets by various local producers and artists such as, Calix, Like Animals, Paincake Patrol, Alisson Shore, Indio Bendana and more. 

In addition, Erin Nøir will also be releasing the first MONO Collective Photo Zine. It features 50 black and white photographs by local photographers. More about it in this link. So if you have nothing planned for this coming Saturday, it's a good day to immerse yourself to the ever growing independent culture.


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