30 August 2016

Faintlight's Losing Control is set to become your Newest Rock Anthem

After a long hiatus in releasing new tracks, Faintlight is set to make a comeback with their newest EP "In Transit". As we wait for the entire tracklist's release, we can make do with Losing Control, the first single they just officially dropped. Based on the teaser we've seen posted on their Facebook page, we could see how the song is very personal and telling about Faintlight's musical re-calibration and their journey. Indeed, the band has been rolling with the punches since its inception a decade ago in 2006. They've been through tough times having lost three lead vocalists and just recently, guitarist Bryan Gadia. Fans of Faintlight have more reason to smile though because the dynamic trio led by Ron Dela Cruz on guitars and vocals, Dave Pimentel on drums, and Emil DelaRosa on bass show no signs of slowing down. 

Photo by Ouie Sanchez

Losing Control has all the right elements to make it the newest rock anthem and if that isn't any indication enough, have a listen to the full track below.


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