26 August 2016

Girl In Transit's "Hardly A Promise" Collection is the Commute Aesthetic you need in the Metro

Following their debut collection, Lovers in the Parking Lot, Girl In Transit is at it again with the launch of their second lookbook, Hardly A Promise. The much anticipated collection draws inspiration from East Asian flair which range from color palettes to traditional garments. Here, you can expect a variety of pieces from t-shirts to outerwear. Stand above the commute crowd as you wear their "Girl" statement tees in pops of color, like yellow and red. Or opt to amp your look for the day with their "Girl" noragi or their "Girl" coach jacket. Then, while you're at it, throw in their "girl x Satchmi" cap for good measure.

The items will first be made available live via a pop-up store happening this Friday, August 26, at Special Affair, Girl In Transit's official launch party. The launch will feature performances from the likes of Curtismith, BP Valenzuela, Crwn, and Olympia, and will be held at The Belle and Dragon. But for the mean time, as we wait on our toes, you can have a sneak peak of their newest lookbook below.


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