10 August 2016

Present Progressive, a Filipino Photography Group Show in Vetro Gallery

Present Progressive, by definition, indicates an on-going action, a continuous undertaking -- and this was beautifully depicted in the photographs of the 21 visual artists, who took part in the exhibit at Vetro. The exhibit presents each individual's story as they experience change, encounter circumstances and undergo development - Morphosis, as they call it. The artists believe that photography is a never-ending process and a constant development, the same way people are as they go through life. Erin Nøir, Meryll Soriano, Everywhere We Shoot, Louise Far and Pato Casabuena are just some of the artists you'll find at Present Progressive. The exhibit will run until August 20 at Vetro Gallery. And you can also catch their third and last Artist Talks this coming Saturday, August 13, from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

Photos by Marvin Conanan

 "Dreamweavers" by Jake Verzosa

"Work In Progress" by Meryll Soriano

"Cut Nudes" by Kiri Dalena

"Ingress" by Mikki Luistro

"Luminescence" by Erin Nøir

"Human Non-Human" by Louise Far

"Forgiveness is Wonderful" by Geric Cruz

"Dirty" by Everywhere We Shoot (Garovs & Ryan Vergara)

"Death by Drowning" by Dianne Rosario

"Endagered Abundance 001" by Veejay Villafranca

"Ahon" by Kenji Mercado

"Paradiso" by Pato Casabuena

"Cement Factory Workers" by Nana Buxani


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