11 August 2016

Prominent Clothing goes more Personal with their 11/26/96 Collection

One of the joys of having a clothing brand is when you really take this venture as an art form. In a way, it is not only about producing and selling shirts, but also about letting different people wear a sentiment that they all share. Which is what goes down with the 11/26/96 Collection of Prominent Clothing. For this drop, they tapped their friend Ally for the designs of their two new t-shirts, who comes through with all the handwritten text of the printed graphics. The first one is in black, with a photo of Ally herself, along with the brand's own script logo and the words "I Hate Mornings". The other one, a white tee, has a Prominent lighter on the front then the line "Smoking Heals" written multiple times at the back. They also came up with a mug and a lighter as freebies. Go to their webstore for all the purchase details.


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