30 August 2016

Relive early 2000 3D feels with Nouvul's "Plié" Music Video

Heartbreak's never felt so psychedelic. Recently, Nouvul - a brainchild of Jorge Wieneke V of similarobjects fame - launched its "This Quiet" EP, followed by the official music video for "Plié,"a single off the record.

While the whole EP exudes a sort of exuberance with its neo-techno underpinnings and bright, bittersweet tones, "Plié" in particular holds a more melancholic feel than the other two - starting off with simple, minimalist beats before moving into the vocals. In contrast, the music video is a smorgasbord of early 2000 pop culture references - bringing back old school emoticons, animation, and even pop-up ads. But maybe that's just it. Maybe it's the nostalgia that bring both song and video together - one for a lost past, another for a lost love.

For more information about Nouvul, you could check out their FB page here, or visit their Soundcloud.


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