19 August 2016

The BuwanBuwan Collective's new podcast features Ize playing Local Electronic Tracks

If you're looking for seriously good vibes (or seriously good local music), the BuwanBuwan Collective's got you covered. The local record label's been known to bring together some of the most innovative acts electronic music has to offer, and its 13th podcast looks to highlight some of them in a snazzy narrative that plays like a night out as it slowly deepens.

Showcasing the likes of sleepersecond, Nights of Rizal, Mads Abubakar, thisbeing_, Ize, no rome, Akisuda, Ayon Sanchez, Justin de Guzman, FXXXYBLNT, Bass Relief, TheBGNR, Carlo James Maaliw, BIN5, Red Astrid, COAX, skinxbones x Den Sy Ty, Moki Mcfly, Caliph8, Salamangkero, Pasta Groove, and Promote Violence. The hour-long podcast is sure to bring the needed chill into an otherwise glum week. Find more about the BuwanBuwan Collective here.


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