04 August 2016

The Exploration of Life and its Beauty in Paincake Patrol's new album, Consonance/Dissonance

In a world full of different perspectives, occurrences and everything in between, it is helpful to be at peace that we can't control any of them. And to have an appreciation for all the things happening, the experiences, the good and the bad, is what Eeman Bulotano III AKA Paincake Patrol comes to evoke in his new album, Consonance/Dissonance. "The EP [//Social Constructs] dealt with existential crisis and about how we perceive our reality and how our views may be views of other people that we have absorbed as our own without questioning." Eeman explains. "[The album] is the continuation of that journey." It seems like the //Social Constructs EP was the electronic ambient musician's intro to a deeper sense of self. While it conveys an exploration of the self, the upcoming album, Consonance/Dissonance, tackles the exploration of the life around us.

"[Emptiness and meaning of life] are mere reflections of each other," Eeman claims. "And there's more to life than just eating and money. It's time that we all realize and accept that depression is real and can lead to fatal consequences." As much as the album focuses on the wonder of all experiences in life, it is also his mission to shine light and spread awareness about depression. He believes that life should be lived to the fullest no matter how empty one feels. "That maybe emptiness isn't such a bad thing and that being empty means we can absorb more and become an entirely different and hopefully a better person." Eeman explains. So through Consonance/Dissonance, he aims to show his support to the cause by donating part of his proceeds from the album to an organization that shares the same advocacy as he does.

The first-ever album of Paincake Patrol is set to launch on August 6, 2016 by 8pm at SaGuijo Cafe + Bar in Makati City. In addition to his album release and performance, other artists like MOONWLK, Nights of Rizal, Coeli, S E R I E S, Alisson Shore and Audio Drive Thru will perform as well. There will also be Spoken Word Poetry and a Collage Art Exhibit during the event. Tickets are available at the door for Php200, and for more info, you can visit the Consonance/Dissonance event page on Facebook. If you haven't of heard his music yet, we've attached a video of him playing live below too.


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