30 August 2016

This is how a Photowalk around Escolta and Ongpin in Binondo sounds like

In line with the recent launch of adidas Originals' Neighborhood stores around the metro and their newest NMD Collection, we were inspired to create our own idea of their campaign message, "Urban Exploration through Sound". We partnered with Buwanbuwan Collective member, local music producer, Escuri, for this Soundscape Exploration. The idea is for us to take photos and record sounds side by side while walking around our chosen area. Conceptually it was already mind-boggling, but to actually hear and see the final product of this project is even more astonishing.

Together with Escuri, we chose to do the Soundscape Exploration around the reincarnated Binondo area, specifically at Escolta and Ongpin streets. We felt that they were the best places to do it since there are so much life to experience, and spirit to capture in those historic locations. And luckily, we were right, even on a slow Sunday afternoon we found interesting subjects and happenings that portrayed a burgeoning neighborhood. You can view the photography slideshow we made below, and be transported to that Sunday afternoon exploring we did. Let our very own, Marvin Conanan's photos accompanied by Escuri's track "good morning, good night" made from the sounds we heard during the walk, to bring you that same feeling we felt throughout the exploration. 

In addition to the pilot track "good morning, good night", Escuri went on to create two more tracks using the other sounds that he recorded from the walk. He produced "dusk" and "after dark" to make it an EP. You can stream the two other great tracks below. Plus, you can also download the whole EP for free, just follow the directions indicated after the tracks. 

If you like what you've just heard, we have all the three tracks up for free downloads for all those who accomplish our short reader and community survey. It will only take you less than 10 minutes to accomplish the survey, and as soon as you're done, the download link will be given to you. And moreover, you will now be on our digital club mailing list where we will send more exclusive content and updates straight to your email.

You can visit these pages to know more about Escuri; FacebookSoundcloud and Bandcamp


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