31 August 2016

TISHA takes over the Bastard Mixtape for Vol. 23

Ballin' it. By now, it's probably some outdated phrase lost in the bowels of the early 2000's, but it's nevertheless still retained its definition. Alluding to "the good life," "ballin' it" often brings a mental image of excess, affluence - the infamous high road that's full of nothing but good vibes.

In that case, you could say that Bastard Mixtape's 23rd Volume is definitely "ballin' it." Featuring the stylings of TISHA, you're sure to get hooked on the sick introductory beats - and gliding towards its characteristic R&B melodies, it's easy to imagine yourself sipping a martini as you cruise down a highway in a high-end lamborghini.

For more mixtapes, be sure to check out BASTARD's Facebook page here.


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