13 September 2016

Art, Style and Personal Expression for "Beginnings", The Starving Artist's debut collection

It all started with owners Bryan Joseph and Kathrina Crisostomo's mutual love for clothing. For some reason, they just couldn't get the items they truly wanted. If there was, it wasn't always enough for their personal taste. More often than not, some sort of adjustment had to be made. This sparked the idea of starting their own clothing brand and the rest, as they say, is history. But to say that living the dream is a bed of roses is far from the truth. After all, what they chose to invest in was a completely different road—the road less traversed. Bryan shares how the failures were so rampant back then, "Everything came out wrong and we invested so much money already. We almost wanted to quit the whole idea". But then there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Opportunities started presenting itself and Kath and Bryan just couldn't say no. Thankfully, they soldiered on and after a season of trials and errors, they finally debuted their first collection for The Starving Artist aptly called, "Beginnings".

In "Beginnings", a pop of color is the main aesthetic, with the pieces staying functional despite the art that go along with it. For instance, the trousers' pockets have the commuter's safety in mind. Classical paintings motivated the jackets with the texture of paint added by layers. According to Bryan and Kath, the mural jacket was the brainchild concept of a friend, Paulo Reyes. More than it is a piece of clothing, it seeks to bring people together as a whole and to spark conversation.

In a nutshell, The Starving Artist serves as an ode to the artists who don't have the means, the time, or the budget for their art. It's an ode to the artist who's on the path of seeking fulfillment. Thus, the clothes are curated for the creative mind. The brand also represents our growth in how we perceive clothing and is the embodiment of how it has evolved. Completely unrestricted, don't expect The Starving Artist to fit in a certain genre or style. For Bryan and Kath, labels are not welcome here either, "We wanted to eliminate the labels for clothing, erasing the wall between male and female, and any other titles you can think of". Another thing the duo is aiming for is to shed light on certain issues using garments as the main medium.

With the diverse designs, concepts, and influences, it's definitely not hard to say that exciting times are ahead for this young brand. Don't miss out, check out The Starving Artist's debut collection now.


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