07 September 2016

Coeli Launches the Music Video for "Magkaibigan o Magka-ibigan"

Two friends stuck in the space between friendship and love is a tale often told, but Coeli’s latest track “Magkaibigan o Magka-ibigan” retells the story in her own haunting way. Joined by The Benjamins’ Miguel Guico, Coeli delivers the song with raw emotion and clarity, enough to induce goosebumps starting from the first word she croons.

In the recently released music video directed by Noah Del Rosario, the two musicians sing and strum their instruments while in a forest inhabited by a diwata-like woman. The video weaves the story of this woman and a seemingly-lost traveller, as they meet and struggle to make sense of their feelings. Simple in its concept and execution, the music video still leaves a lasting impression with its ethereal, cinematic quality. Watch the full video below:


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