20 September 2016

Exclusive JanSport Philippines-Inspired Backpack in Collaboration with Bratpack

How well do you know your city? A few weeks ago, JanSport, in collaboration with Bratpack, put us to the test with challenges to prove our street-smarts to launch the JanSport Right Pack Signature Series. Already on its 7th year, JanSport has partnered with 23 stores in different cities across the globe to design the Right Pack fit for their brand -- This time they are teaming up with Bratpack to promote the urban youth lifestyle. The backpack is made with forge grey codura and a suede leather bottom with embroideries of the city's blueprint on the front, Philippine flag and BratPack logo on each side panel. The JanSport Right Pack Signature Series x BratPack is limited edition with only 22 pieces exclusively available at Bratpack Greenbelt 5.


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