01 September 2016

Have a listen at Similarobjects' latest sought after album Rara Avis

Sometimes, musicians need to take breathers between album releases to focus on letting art, and not commerce and deadlines, dictate their next release. Similarobjects’ latest album Rara Avis comes three years after Tilde, and it is every bit worth the long wait.

Rara Avis (translation: rare bird) is one of a kind. Not only was it released online (thus, no fanfare of a launching gig needed), the album offered an interactive game. Each one of the thirteen songs in the album is represented by a 3D abstract sculpture that illustrates Similarobjects’ relationship with the song, and listeners must play the prescribed game to unlock the images and album files. Staying true to the belief that rare birds are not meant to be caged, the album is offered for free. 

Experience the album for yourself through its official website. Stream the album below:


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