08 September 2016

Logiclub co-founder, Emcee and Producer, Ninno takes on leadership role for the Collective

Last August 19, electronic music collective LOGICLUB celebrated their fourth anniversary with a gig at Black Market, Makati. The night also served as a passing of the torched between two founding members of the group. Rez Toledo a.k.a. Somedaydream and Ninno. With the former focusing on his own music and also his venture Futurestudio, Ninno steps up and takes on the leadership role for LOGICLUB. We asked the man himself about this latest transition.

What led to the change of management of LOGICLUB?

Rez is focusing again on Somedaydream, and it was high-time to let his baby fly by itself. He’s still very much part of the collective, but he’ll be doing less of the back-end work now. He also thought it was time for a new era, and it was time for LOGICLUB to either sink or swim by itself. I’d love to share with you all the reasons, and trust me, there are many, but I don’t think I’m allowed to do so!

Can you describe the responsibilities of being the President of LOGICLUB Collective?

Well, I’d like to correct your syntax first. President is not a term we use. We’re not a corporate entity, far from it. So we use the term “Emperor”, “Fearless Leader,” or, my preference, “Warchief” (which must promptly be replied to using “zug-zug” or “be happy to”) to signify the leadership role. In the month that I’ve taken over, a lot of it just making sure everyone is happy—and is working. We’ve expanded past JUST the music now, so work gets a little more tedious, because we really do want everyone to be able to showcase their talents on a level playing field, and getting paid the amount they deserve.

Lately, it’s been meetings every other day. Meetings non-stop. I am so tired of meetings, haha. This life really was never meant for me. But I’m happy to do it for the collective. I want to make sure our platform shouts the loudest in this day and age of the internet.

What should we be excited about from the collective, are there upcoming projects already? New tracks? Album?

You should be very excited, indeed. A lot of our artists are finally releasing material on Spotify/iTunes/Apple Music and our catalog has never looked better. Also, we’re launching our website sometime soon, which is me saying that it’ll be done when it’s done (hahaha), that’ll have all of our music, press kits, contact information and overall catalog to be able to reach us a lot more easily. Oh, merch incoming too, I suppose! Gotta wait on that though.

Who are the new members of LOGICLUB? What can you say about them? 

Oh it feels like there are too many to mention, but I’ll try to come up with my thoughts about it in 140 characters or less.

Vic Prieto (Chyrho the Wrath), Rapper and Producer
He’s like my older self, founder of legendary rap label AMPON. He brings his experience in as not only my personal consigliere, think Godfather’s Tom Hagen, but also in the finance and sales side.

Six Gantioqui (Six the Northstar), Rapper and Producer
One of the most underrated and sickest beatmakers in this country. Together with Vic and I, we form nerdcore hiphop group, Shadow Moses. He’s has some sick beats coming your way this year, so watch out!

Vince Javier, Kinetic Typography Producer
Vince is one of my oldest friends, dating back to our childhood. You may have seen his work already on the Somedaydream streams, but I assure you, that’s not all he does. Our visuals for LOGICLUB shows just got a HUGE upgrade in Vince. He’s one of the most talented people I know in one of the hardest platforms to make art on.

Tim Ng, Writer and Executive Producer
Tim owns Mow’s and my soul. The Kowloon King himself. The Leader of the Hong Kong Death Squad. HAHA, no but all jokes aside, he’s honestly one of the funniest guys (GET IT ALL JOKES ASIDE) in these parts of Manila. I can’t wait to start working with him! This dude cooks up ideas like his family cooks wonton noodle soup.

Nina Unlay, Writer
Nina’s a talented writer who’s work you check on in GRID MAGAZINE. She’s great at what she does, and she’s been doing marketing for us even before we asked her to join up. She’s been there since LOGICLUB’s first big gig, so she knows the organization like the back of her hand.

Nikki Ruiz, Photographer
Ah, THE NikkiRu. She’s an amazing photographer who, I believe, has mastered the art of Facebook ready profile shots. JOKE LANG Nikki!! She’s a good friend and loves Logic (the rapper) as much as I do. A lot of our artists’ album covers and promotional material are shots taken by Nikki.

Paolo Narciso, A&R and Business Team
One of the co-founders of Amplify.ph—Pao has been in the game for a LOONG time. He brings in a vast wealth of experience and technical know-how to make sure our day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Richard Matsuyama (Ryoku), Producer
This dude is the future, make no doubt about it. I haven’t known Rich for a long time, but every time I see him in the studio, this dude manages to blow my mind each time he shows me a new beat. Trivia: The person that taught Richard how to produce was taught by Six how to produce. So technically, that makes him Six’s production grandson, right..?

Earl Limjoco (Earl of Manila), Singer-Songwriter and Producer
Earl was one of the first people I met when I started college in CSB. He’s always been super talented, and it’s great to see someone do 90s-RnB mixed in with a little future. He’s part of the LOGICLUB HPG Strike Team, or the HULOG PANTY GANG music team. Hahaha.

Miguel Feria, Visual Artist
Most people know Feria as one of the guitarists for Imelda, which, by the way, you guys should check out too. But besides the heavy RAK he makes, Feria is a physics buff and a math nerd—which kind of makes sense because when he’s handling our visuals, everything’s so well programmed and robotic in a sense that it’s highly hypnotic. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started writing algorithms for house lights. Last I heard, he was trying to program software for color correction—you never really know with this Spanish cutie. NYAHAHA

Jessica Milner, DJ
J Mill is a headliner, no doubt about it. She’s been a friend of LOGICLUB for quite awhile now, and our post gig drinking sessions as a collective are almost ritualistic. It just so happens that musicians have similar schedules. Jess really had a lot to say about LOGICLUB and was very enthusiastic about what we did. So when it came up that we were inviting new members, she was a SURE choice. We immediately messaged her then drank at Sky after.

Rhea Leorag, Writer
Rhea’s been with us since LOGICLUB’s inception. She was always asking us questions behind the scene and she used to cover us for a long time. She’s a fellow musician too, which makes it easier for her to write about what the collective has been up to since she speaks the same language! She doesn’t know this, but I was there for her thesis in her Minor in Music Lit.

David Tan, Producer
David’s going to pioneer a genre called EmoDM, I’m so sure of it. I can’t even fully describe his music. It’s like Fall Out Boy and Panic sprinkled with MDMA and a whole lot of heartbreak. It’s something else, for sure. When he finally decides to release what he’s working on, it’ll blow your minds too.

New artists. New staff members. But the same old goal of progressing with their craft. In a fast-paced world filled with people who mostly have a short time deciphering the information before them, LOGICLUB is definitely set to put things up a notch. Stand up above the rest, so they can watch the audience dance to their music.


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