09 September 2016

Ray-Ban Shows It Takes Courage with New Campaign

Since 1937, Ray-Ban has been producing quality eyewear in different shapes and designs, all inspired by military and pop culture fashion. Seventy years after the brand's conception, they came out with their first-ever marketing campaign – Never Hide tells its consumers to build a sense of identity and to "never hide." The campaign ran for nine years until recently, when they launched #ItTakesCourage alongside the release of their Spring/Summer 2016 Collection.

Ray-Ban's new campaign, #ItTakesCourage, shows that courage comes from wearing a pair of Ray-Bans. New campaign posters showcase this courage through different scenarios, while promoting the brand's newer and more modern styles. In an event launch by Ray-Ban Philippines, they gave us a glimpse of the early days of the brand, as well as stories behind their wide range of lenses. There was was also a music performance by Pupil, live art by Tokwa PeƱaflorida, and a tattooing session by P&P Tattoo – all tied to Ray-Ban's goal of reinventing the brand's DNA for today's bold lifestyles.


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