27 September 2016

Sud goes louder than usual with their new music video for "How We Play"

Seven-piece alternative soul band Sud has been one of today's popular acts in the indie music scene. After having fans sing in unison to their slow jams "Smilky" and "Sila", they decided to switch it up with their latest music video for their song "How We Play". Watch on as two girls roam the streets, having their own version of fun with reckless abandon. We asked frontman Sud Ballecer a few questions to give us an insight of how everything came to fruition:

What makes "How We Play" different from your previous songs?
It sounds different compared to our slow and sexy sounding songs. It has a heavier feel and it's very aggressive.

How did the idea for the music video came about? Who came up with the storyline, etc.?
Enzo Valdez, our manager and the music video director was the one who came up with the concept. He wanted it to be colorful, intense and fast paced, just like our song.

What do you guys want to convey with the music video? How is it connected to the song?
We just want to let the people know that we will continue creating our music the way we want it.

Is the last scene connected to any future music videos or anything you guys will come up next?
We'll be releasing a few more videos before the year ends. Watch out for that!

The band just got on a magazine cover last August and is slowly breaking through mainstream as television networks are starting to showcase them. With more people taking notice, there are those who have said less positive things about the group and their works. But for those who dig what they do, you can count on Sud to provide you with what brought them here in the first place: their own kind of music.


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