20 September 2016

The Round Up: Local Tunes to Listen to this Week

The local music scene is very much alive, thank you very much. More often than not, there’s a colorful variety of something new to look forward to. This week we’re in a musical-induced coma as we groove to the beats of Bass Relief, dance to the mixes of Silo and similarobjects, and swoon yet again over Armi Millare. Check out the local tunes we’re loving this week:

Bass Relief - Stranger Things

Will saw something that he shouldn’t.

If, like the rest us (and the world), you’ve been swept up under the rug of Netflix’s Stranger Things craze, you would surely consider Bass Relief’s spin on its opening title sequence as something precious. The local DJ/producer under Lockeddown Entertainment layers his own suave beats over Brazilian producer Cybass’ own remix of the show’s titular theme. The end result pays homage to the show’s eerie vibe while maintining its own unique groovy house lounge tune all the same. Want another tidbit? Bass Relief shares that the mix acts as a sound check for full band set up performances on his Facebook page.

Mark Redito (FKA Spazzkid) - You’ll Only Love Me When I’m Gone

Photo by Priscilla Mastrodomencio from THUMP

The LA based Filipino DJ and producer is shedding off his Spazzkid days. Mark Redito is getting his own name out again, front and center, and this time it's for his first single off his new album due out next year. "You'll Only Love Me When I'm Gone" is the ber-months anthem you never knew you needed. Upon listening, you'll immediately get transported on a warm sunny day in the beach where everything is alright with the world, The track is nothing short of trippy as Mark expertly mixes dancehall sensibilities with obscure vocal chops and warped sounds. Believe it or not, the song actually explores themes of loss and heartbreak. In his interview with THUMP, he shares, "It's a challenging theme to engage with, but I think that we should acknowledge 'loss' and how it can potentially shape us for the better". Have a listen to the head-bopping track below:

Armi Millare - Young Again

Our hearts are breaking all over again over Armi Millare's latest contribution to the "Apocalypse Child" soundtrack. Stripped off all other elements, a piano serves as the only accompaniment to the UDD frontwoman's quiet yet emotional delivery. This arrangement makes "Young Again" raw and intimate. At it's core, it tugs at the heart strings; it's the kind of music Armi knows best to make, and she succeeds yet again. What makes it all the more beautifully harrowing is the track being released as a lyric video with snippets from Apocalypse Child. The film, which premiered at the Quezon City Film Festival last year and won a slew of awards (and Armi actually did the musical score for), is set for a nationwide release this October. As you wait, give yourself a moment and go on a feels trip with Young Again on the background. You'll be reaching for the repeat button right after the last note, trust us.

Silo and similarobjects - Bandwagon Mix # 51

Photo from BANDWAGON

When two great minds in the electronic music scene join forces, you know you're in for an eargasmic treat. Enter Belgium's beatsmith Silo and Buwan Buwan Collective's very own prodigy and co-founder similarobjects. The two recently collaborated for one of Bandwagon's weekly mixes, where they invite guests to do an exclusive mix for them. Almost an hour long, the mix also served as a teaser to Singaporean electronic music label Darker Than Wax's Manila Debut Showcase last September 16 at Black Market. We're head over heels with the cross-continent tracklist featuring both artists in their best possible light: Silo with his effortless electronic trap, underground hip-hop, and sophisticated house fusion, and similarobjects with his penchant for multi-genre and experimental mixes. Relish in the stylish medley below:

Marcus Prolifik - Going Through the Afters

Rounding out our list of local tunes to listen to this week is rapper Marcus Prolifik's latest track, Going Through The Afters. In an email correspondence, he tells us that the song is "an ode to the sunset afterglow... I wanted to share that warm feeling the tangerine sky has been bringing me throughout the years". The track starts off with a phone conversation where he tells the other person on the line to come over but just not right now, maybe a few hours later (so he can appreciate the sunset afterglow in all its glory maybe?). Then, he slowly eases his way in onto his signature polysyllabic rhyme scheme and vivid imagery through words. He spits out verse after verse, smooth as can be, painting a picture of nature's beauty. Have a listen below:


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