10 October 2016

Lead the Way with DBTK's Year 4 "The World is Yours" Capsule Collection

For four years now, Don’t Blame the Kids (DBTK) has been aiming to change how the rest of the world views “kids” through the unique clothing that they release each season. It is this vision and the creativity of the brand that brought them a huge following and eventually made them one of the benchmarks in terms of streetwear fashion in the country. For each collection, DBTK produces a variety of designs, techniques, approach, and artistry. Now, for their fourth year, they came up with designs that are characterized by the kind of beautiful and fashionable that would remain so even as the times change. DBTK expressed that they deem their fourth year to be the right time to put out something that “never goes out of age and style”. Hence, the rose icon which possesses the timeless charm that they want the collection to exude. The skull and bones icon also adds character to the different pieces included in the collection. DBTK also had the band Metallica as their inspiration for the design patterns. 

Called “The World Is Yours”, the collection is meant to remind anyone who wears it to leave an impact on this world in their own way and to create their own fate. This philosophy that DBTK seeks to share with their community is inspired by the movie Scarface and the poem “Invictus”, and is one of the brand's ways to establish something genuine and impactful. 

You can view the lookbook below, but to take a look at the whole collection, visit this page.


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