25 October 2016

Perspective of Taiwan: A Travel Photo Series by Tristan Tamayo

In line with our purpose to promote the Philippine Creative Culture, we recently opened Purveyr to showcase various amateur and professional photographers' and artists' works. This time we invited Purveyr Magazine's creative head, Tristan Tamayo to share to us his recent travel photo series from Taiwan. He is a full-time sports photographer during the day, and freelance photographer and graphic artist on the side. Last month he visited Taiwan for vacation, where he instantly admired the city. This admiration fueled his perspective of Taiwan, which he clearly expressed through the photo series he made. It portrays the city's clean and calm aesthetic during the day, and its lively and exciting nights. We really liked how Tristan Tamayo's photography style meshed well with the city views and portraits, simple yet substantial. You can follow Tristan Tamayo on Instagram to see more of his works.

You can submit your works to marvin@purveyr.com for a chance to be featured. We're constantly looking for more interesting creators and projects.


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