24 October 2016

Serious Studio releases the sequel to their Douché Tote Bag, The Douché Noir

Local design studio Serious Studio is at it again and this time, the Douché is stronger than ever. After the successful launch of the brand’s first edition bag in white, the Douché Noir in the classiest of colors, black, is an inevitable follow-up. In an email correspondence, we spoke with the Serious Studio team to learn more about the team's internal  project — their collaboration with Lynette Jean-Baptiste, the brand's aesthetic, and the overall vibe of the new design.

Could you tell us more about Douché Bags?
SS: We worked with designer Lynette Jean-Baptiste XVIII on the Douché. (Mind the acute accent; it’s "doo-shay.”) It’s FUBU for douchebags — for douchebags, by douchebags. Circle-jerky in a sense, but in a classy, functional way. Very French. If you’ve seen French new wave cinema, you’ll know what we mean.

What is the artistic direction you chose to embark on with the bag?
SS: We’re kind of riding on LJB’s coattails to legitimize the whole thing. Because, as you know, French brands are the fanciest, so it’s only right. If you’ve ever wondered what the essence of the trendy, rotational high fashion ball sac du jour is, that’s what the Douché is supposed to be. Especially the part about being gluten free — you can expect absolutely no flour or wheat content in any of the bags. We’re told that’s especially important for people in high fashion.

What is the vibe that you would want for the people to imbibe with the new Douché Bag design?
SS: There are a lot of ways to be douchey, and the designs are also spare so that you can turn it up any way you want. Streetwear douche is kind of the current zeitgeist, but the bags would not exactly look out of place in the popped-collar prep look or the suit-wearing yuppie.

The Douché Noir tote bags is priced at P666.00, and in limited pieces. Order one now over at their website.


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