20 October 2016

Sune adds more color and structure with Collection No. 5

Local lifestyle and clothing brand Sune stays true to their mantra of clothes with a quiet confidence with their latest collection. The collection features a mix of free-flowing and structured pieces, all plain but never boring.

“We initially did not really have a specific source of "inspiration" for this collection. We always start a collection by sourcing fabric, but this time we intended to do more color,” explains Bea De Jesus of Sune. “Luckily, we found fabric that not only felt great, but we thought made for a good color palette, and it developed from there. They were a little bit heavier than our usual, a little reminiscent of the 70's or a bit retro, which we took cues from. You could say we were inspired by the fabric we found.”

With muted colors ranging from white, brown, gray, and green, the pieces in the collection acts as a canvas for crafting the perfect outfit, be it for a night out or a casual stroll. Aside from the new splash of color, the collection features a new style that sets it apart from Sune’s previous releases.

“We started the brand with a very minimal, clean aesthetic. Most of our previous collections featured only neutrals - black, white, gray, and the occasional brown or beige. This collection has a lot more color, and we do not have any clothes in black. I think color would be the most obvious difference. Apart from that, since our fabrics are heavier this time, the cuts are also more structured, and although they're still loose and drapey, they're less "airy" or "summery." We also no longer have basics or what we called "essentials", like cotton t-shirts and tanks, but this time they're a little dressier,” adds Bea.

It looks like Sune is only moving forward, extending their reach beyond clothing. Bea gives us a preview, saying “we have a lot of new stuff in the pipeline - more lifestyle goods; we have some new book titles arriving soon, and we're working on some new products outside clothing, one of which we're hoping to launch in the coming months! We cannot give specifics yet, but we have a few things planned, things we've never done before, and we're pretty excited to introduce them very soon.”

View the rest of the collection here, modeled by Sherlaine Yap, Aika Yamaguchi, Michelle Smith, and Danita Paner, and shot by Geric Cruz. Make sure you don’t miss the beautiful poetry reading video by Raymond Amonoy that accompanies the collection, with Neha Viswanathan reading Jack Gilbert’s Failing and Flying.


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