05 October 2016

The Craft of Paper Toys: Nollzz shares his collection of Paper Toy WIP caps

"I just saw myself constantly creating and then my collection grew." These were the words that came straight out of proudly Ilonggo illustrator, Noli Umahag (a.k.a. Nollzz) as he told the story of how his PIOD Paper Crew came to be. He remembers his childhood fondly, growing up with paper toys, and the rest was history.

In the video, we are given a sneak peek of Nollzz' daily routine when it comes to perfecting his craft. For some, it might seem like the process of designing and folding is a very complicated process to actually enjoy. But for Noli, it's different. He says he finds the activity a relaxing one.

For a while now, his brainchild PIOD (Ilonggo for 'fold') has been doing collaborations with local high-quality headwear brand WIP Caps. According to Nollzz himself, the design template for these miniatures take around 7 days. And then some more for its assembly. His meticulous standards and attention to detail pay off big time with his replicas, which turn the brand's designs into fun-sized intricate works of art. This has spanned into an even larger project. Enter his 'WIPCAPS IS ART' pop-up exhibitions which has the artist piece together some awesome aesthetics and displays.

The art of the paper toy is definitely not a lost novelty. And if there's anyone who is a testament to this, Noli Umahag is your guy.


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