21 October 2016

The Twelfth House prepares for the upcoming season with the Fall/Winter 16-17 Vol 1 Collection

If shirts with efficient and effective use of words are what you are looking for, then lifestyle label The Twelfth House is here for you. The Fall/Winter 16-17 Vol 1 Collection from the Cubao X resident is the beginning of their new series of drops. Most notable among their new t-shirts is the white one with the line "Youth is wasted on the young". They also brought back some logo tees. along with shirts with their earlier slogans, "Common Folk" and "Cubao vs Everybody". Some previous designs are in new colorways, while some are rendered on aptly-executed logos and layouts. Also included in the drop are two camper hats. Available at their shop in Cubao X and through their online store, www.thetwelfthhouse.com.


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