04 October 2016

This Week's Local Tunes Round Up: Cheats, Asch, Jess Connelly, Karencitta and Mellow Fellow

The local music scene is definitely thriving. More and more artists are putting their work out there, to our ears' delight. This week, prepare to get swept by these new releases that we are currently obsessed with. Bob your head up and down to the the fresh tunes from Cheats, Reneé Dominique feat. Asch, Karencitta, Mellow Fellow, and Jess Connelly. Check them out:

Cheats - Drunk

It's the song you'd want to play while on the road, with the windows down, and your friends singing their intoxicated hearts out. Both honest and light-hearted, Cheats' newest piece sends you back to the promise of change that never seems to come to pass and yet allows you to confront it in a juvenile humor. Cure your hangover with its colorful arrangements, gently ascending melody, and the smooth entry of overlapped voices.

Reneé Dominique feat. Asch - Idk

In collaboration with up-and-coming singer-songwriter Reneé Dominique, Asch once again lets us dive into the waves of our blues and create romance with our melancholy. With his gentle, skittering beats and Renee's sultry vocals, this R&B-lite jam is the one to run to when you find yourself wallowing in feels during one of those nights.

Karencitta - Oblivion

In her third single, Cebu-based rapper Karencitta makes a bitter remark on the irony of humanity and yet does so in a tasteful manner. She questions the status quo with her honest, knotty rhymes, reggae-accented beats, and captivating finesse. Known to be the nu lady of Filipino hiphop, Karencitta attacks through this track with subtlety and undeniable appeal. With the chaos surrounding us recently, one can easily relate to this new release.

Mellow Fellow - Tired

With suave vocals that can easily send one to lay on his own dejection, Mellow Fellow comes back with "Tired", his first single off his split EP with Babe Slayer. "Tired" sounds like a slow-paced confession of defeat and surrender delivered with such vulnerability and the delicate sound of guitars in the background. With this smooth track, this lyricist can yet again sweep his longtime followers away in a bittersweet whisk.

Jess Connelly - Rich $hit

It's undeniable: Jess Connelly has a way of putting her unique mark on contemporary R&B. With that seductive, emotive voice of hers, and smooth delivery, she can effortlessly make any track beckoning. For her new single, “Rich $hit”, she works with producers Eyedress and RH Xanders and comes up with a relaxing and evocative ode accompanied by cosmic slow jam vibes. With its ethereal, captivating quality, this track is the perfect company during that sweet, after-work respite.

Cover Photo from Vandals On The Wall


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