17 October 2016

Vandals On The Wall curates Songs about Heartbreak in "This Is Not A Love Song" Mixtape

Top music source Vandals On The Wall offers a new mixtape called This Is Not A Love Song. A follow-up to their 2013 mixtape Erasing Memories, This Is Not A Love Song continues with the theme of love lost and its accompanying misery, sprinkled with just enough optimism to see through the tears. 

The mixtape features homegrown artists Bubble Economy, Hana ABCD, Souvenir, Pastilan Dong, Ryoku and Clara Benin, July IXV, Hannah+Gabi, Thenils, Sour Cheeks, Memory Drawers, Dreamlovers4evva, Adult Sleepovers, Jack Sikat Kombo, Chairman Mouse, We Are Imaginary, Ian Invencions, Rich Caramat, Nouvul, Reese Lansangan, Banna Harbera, and iNCH. 

If you’re looking for weepy songs for your hugot, then it might be best to get your fix somewhere else. This Is Not A Love Song mixes songs about heartache, but coming from different genres - you get a taste of R&B, acoustic, alternative, and other things in between. The result is a medley of songs distinct from each other yet working together to form one cohesive, solid sound trip. 

You can download the mixtape here.


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