02 November 2016

Beautiful Destinations presents the Philippines through a stunning video

This is just a casual reminder that we live in such a breathtaking country. And Beautiful Destinations is here to prove it.

The award-winning creative technology agency, renowned for building the largest travel and lifestyle portfolio on Instagram and Snapchat, recently dropped a stunning video of our shores. The video serves as the culmination of the Department of Tourism's partnership with five of the biggest travel influencers from the agency's team who captured the gorgeous unfiltered moments during their stay. Sam Kolder's cinematography is a feast for the eyes as we are taken to a three minute round trip to our country's top destinations in Cebu, Palawan, Pangasinan, Bohol, and Manila. Alternating scenes from the heart of the Metro, the country's most iconic spots, and the lush islands come into play in a heartwarming montage.

Take in one marvelous sight after the other. The crystal clear beaches with its pristine waters in different shades of blue, punctuated by islands in sharp shades of brown and green. A vibrant distinct animal life that lives under our seas and on our lands. The warmth of the smiles and laughters that emanates from just about every Filipino you meet. Snapshots and time lapses of the beautiful chaos that abounds in the city. Sunsets like no other. Just like that and we're sold. We can't help but fall inlove with our 7,107 islands all over again!


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