23 November 2016

Local Tunes Round Up: Bawal Clan, crwn, August Wahh, Similarobjects, Cheats, and Skaa

The year is almost at its end but it looks like our local musicians are not yet done dropping amazing tracks and videos. In this week’s round up, look out for videos shot in colorful Japan, smooth RnB tunes, and chilled-out instrumental beats.

Skaa - Cole Haan (Prod. by Chryse)

Skaa’s latest release maybe named after a popular shoe and accessory brand, but don’t let the title fool you. The song is an ode to growing up and getting your sh*t together, with Skaa narrating his struggles and confidence to emerge victorious. It’s a quick song, but Skaa’s flow is so smooth you’ll end up wanting more. The solid song proves that he is on top of his game, and as he sings himself, it’s probably because “it comes easy when there’s passion involved.”

Just Hush, DZ SVG, Oj River & Krissy Cakes - R U Aaliyah?

Artist collective Bawal Clan released its latest Bawal Tape, this time assembling powerhouses Just Hush, DZ SVG, Oj River, and Krissy Cakes. Transitioning easily from Tagalog and English, the track provides a catchy hook and beat reminiscent of RNB tunes made popular in the early 2000s. The end result is a slick, smooth song worthy of endless replays. Listen to the track above.

August Wahh - Be Real

If you’re looking for a chill track that packs a lot of punch, August Wahh’s Be Real might be worthy of a spin. The latest release from the local producer, singer, and lyricist, Be Real is an empowered and empowering anthem oozing with swag despite its downplayed beats. And it looks like the soulful song is just the beginning of August Wahh’s return, as she croons herself, “I cannot be defeated, bless, I’m on the rise.”

Cheats - Ringer

Some videos capture isolation and loss with aplomb, embellished with a monochromatic palette and buckets of tears added for good measure. Local band Cheats foregoes predictable music video plots in exchange for something muted and yet unnerving. Set in the busy streets of Japan, we see singer Saab covered in a Hillary Clinton-esque mask, until a watermelon plushie replaces the mask as her crutch. She proceeds with her day with a new friend in tow, only to lose her prized plushie, and a distraught search to follow. Like the curious Japanese taking a peek at a masked stranger clutching a watermelon plushie, the video can be interesting at best and confusing to the uninitiated to Cheats’ penchant for the different, and that is precisely why it suits the song perfectly. Watch the video directed by Kyle Quismundo above.

Similarobjects - Mkmehl (Music Video)

Similarobjects’ Mkmehl is the second video in this round up that was shot in Japan, but this takes us to the parks and city trains of Tokyo. The video opts for a retro feel, with the song’s mellow beats introducing to us to the perspective of the couple played by Moeri Sakurai and Shoya Fukuda. All the quiet exposition builds up to the song’s climax, wherein the two leads give in to the beat, adding a dimension of movement to the otherwise static video. Mkhmehl, with the video directed by Raymond Teraoka Dacones, is off of Similarobjects’ latest album Rara Avis.

crwn - you, me, and tommy guns

Previewing his new EP “Tommy Guns,” crwn released the track “you, me, and tommy guns.” In the track, crwn opts for a more relaxed vibe accompanied with soft percussion and the silky sound of the trumpet. “Tommy gun is a project grounded on moving on, appreciating your time with people you've loved or will love, and a lot of self-actualization. It's a collection of experiences I've gathered since 2013,” crwn shares with Bandwagon Asia. Stay tuned for the rest of crwn’s EP on Spotify and iTunes, dropping on December 4, 2016. Meanwhile, give his new track a spin above.


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