29 November 2016

Purveyr Producer Project: Pillow Talk

Formerly known as The After-School Special, Anton Salvador now pursues his new electronic project, Pillow Talk. He is part of the progressive local electronic group, BuwanBuwan Collecctive. The new identity gave birth to new sounds, fusing Future Beats, Trap and RnB to his former genre arsenal, IDM, Glitch-Hop and Abstract Hip Hop. The end product is an amalgamation of sounds, "Soft delicate yet ethereal overtones and emotional soundscapes that paint us a picture of what a sound journal would be like if written by a closet romantic," in Pillow Talk's words, which he specifically calls "Introverted Dance Music." He also just recently released his debut EP, "The Year of Tolerance", which you can purchase from his bandcamp or partner stores. A few of his tracks are included along with other local tracks in the mix below.

The mix is a representation of his music inspirations, bass heavy beats and eclectic tracks that shows his wide variety of musical influences.

Go to our Mixcloud to see the full tracklist of the mixtape. You can see and hear more from Pillow Talk here:

We are open for suggestions and applications for the Purveyr Producer Project. Send an email to marvin@purveyr.com if you're interested. We're looking forward to hear from you.


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