30 November 2016

Stfu. x Velodoom x CVTFG Collaboration T-shirt to represent the Cavite Fixed Gear Community

The Collaboration T-shirt from Stfu., Velodoom, and CVTFG acts more of a symbol for Cavite fixed gear community's strength together. It celebrates the ever-growing fixed gear movement they have in their city. The t-shirt represents the night rides of the CVTFG community, it is directly inspired by the presence of cats during the night. In addition, since the t-shirt is made for night rides, Stfu. added a glow-in-the-dark feature for the back design to include extra safety measure for the riders. The Collaboration T-shirt was released through the yearly CVTFG Halloween Ritual Deadmeet and Greet, which is the biggest social gathering for the Cavite Fixed Gear community. You can check out the lookbook below and a few photos from the event. All photos are from Stfu. co-founder, Richmond Lim.


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