08 November 2016

This is where you can Feed your Inner Wanderlust

Traveling is so much easier nowadays — with seat sales popping up for every holiday and long weekend, domestic and international data plan promos, and online travel itineraries for whatever adventure one is in for. Valerie and Anthony certainly took advantage of that, when they embarked on a trip back in 2013, and hopped from one European city to the other to experience the rich culture every place had to offer. Valerie, being a travel bug, was in it for the beautiful scenery, art and architecture, while Anthony, admittedly a gourmand, went to search for unique gastronomic delights — put two and two together, and three years later, you have Vanderlust.

Being in corporate for the longest time, Valerie and Anthony finally decided to leave their desk jobs behind, and traverse a different route with Vanderlust. This passion project was birthed from their immense love for adventure, and their desire of sharing it with others through good food and delectable dishes. Vanderlust features homegrown pastries from three European countries: Cannoli from Italy, Schneeballe from Germany, and Churros from Spain. They also serve hot menu items that hail from the different cities they visited. One bite of their delicious food, and you're instantly transported to the lively streets of Europe.

Oh, and if you must know, Vanderlust is how the Germans pronounce Wanderlust, which means a strong desire to travel — this place will surely give you that and more.

Sct. De Guia cor. Tomas Morato, Quezon City


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