09 November 2016

Understand the Art of Japanese Denim through the Weaving Shibusa Film

The culture around denim may seem very odd to most, primarily due to the intense passion for something that is regarded mundane by the majority. But what fascinates me the most about denim heads is their extreme passion to the pairs from start to finish. Every part of its make and tear, are stories that are waiting to be shared and explored. It's probably one of the few fashion items that could transcend trends and embody its wearer's character entirely. But I could only speak from opinion as I'm not a big part of the culture. However, if you are as interested as I am to know more about this inspiring culture and community, you should not miss this coming showing of Weaving Shibusa. It is a film about Japanese craftsmanship, dedication and passion for denim. It features the "Osaka 5", the highly regarded people responsible for Japan's denim revival, plus several more innovators who paved the way for Japanese Denim to be at its highest quality to date. You can see the list of individuals featured in the film below;

Mikiharu Tsujita of Fullcount, Hisao Manabe of Japan Blue, Atsusuke tagaya of Stevenson Overall Co., Atsushi Matsushima of Clutch & Lightning Magazines, Yutaka Fujihara of BerBerJin, Fake Alpha, Kazuhiko Hanzawa of Marvin's Vintage, Masayoshi Kobayashi of The Flat Head, Hajime Inoue of TCB, Shinichi Haraki of Iron Heart, and Etsuko Satou of Shinya Mills.

Weaving Shibusa will be shown at Central Square Cinema on November 19, 2016 at 8pm. Tickets are sold at the Signet store in Shangri-la at the Fort, or get them for free when you purchase Japanese denim jeans from their store as well. Signet carries Fullcount, The Flat Head, TCB and Iron Heart jeans. To further prime you of what to expect from the Weaving Shibusa Film, please watch the trailer below.


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