22 December 2016

Jess Connelly talks about the story behind her track with Lustbass and first music video, Radar/2am

Six months after the release of Radar/2am, the Jess Connelly x Lustbass track gets visual representation under the direction of Julius Valledor and Inez Moro. The music video gives us a glimpse of the local nightlife scene, and showcases the Manila that Jess Connelly wants the world to see. We had a quick chat with the singer about the inspiration behind Radar/2am, collaborations with different producers, and her future projects.

What is the inspiration behind the track, Radar/2am?
It's the result of two separate writing sessions with Lustbass exactly one year apart from each other, by chance of course. I wanted to release a new song for my birthday, and this came together perfectly just in time.

What emotion do you wish to evoke with Radar/2am?
I wanted to channel that feeling I get at 2am when I'm over the party, and would rather head home and put it into a smooth jazz track.

After releasing How I Love with CRWN, what was it like working with Lustbass for this track?
We've played around with tracks before, and I enjoy the blend of our sounds. It was just a matter of putting something out eventually.

You've had a number of tracks before Radar/2am, but you only released a music video for this one. What made you decide to do this?
The video for the track just naturally came together for this one. Putting out more videos is definitely important for me. I plan to focus on the new. I'm just learning as I go. 

The video showcases the nightlife scene, and features some of your friends, can we assume that it is representative of your lifestyle? If not, can you explain to us the idea behind the video?
It doesn't necessarily represent my lifestyle (I'm not always at a party) but I wanted to show our "Manila". I definitely grew into what I am, from what I was exposed to socially here, and even if the video is just a glimpse of that, I knew what was in front of me was perfect content for this track and my first video. None of it was setup, styled or scripted. It was me and a couple friends (shoutouts Julius & Inez and my girl gang, Bea & Wyomi) running around all day with cameras at our friends' spots where more friends would show up. When I tell people about Manila, they don't always get it until they see it. A lot of people don't want to come here lately because they only see what's painted in the press. I'm not turning a blind eye to the unfortunate situation our country is going through, but I don't want to add to the negativity. Overall the video isn't that deep, when I travel, people are always surprised I'm from Manila, and that drives me to show the side of Manila I see. 

What's next for Jess Connelly?
Working on new music that will be out whenever it is done, lol. I want to do shows out of the country. And of course new music and new videos for 2017.


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