07 December 2016

New Laguna-based brand HARFO. presents their Debut Release

Aside from a wide range of local culture and native delicacies, Laguna is also home to many clothing brands. Years and years of the Laguna hardcore music scene brought forth people who carried the DIY ethos in representing their lifestyle through their clothes. Apparel labels of different genres also sprouted, along with a new one by the name of HARFO. The letters also stand for the line "Have A Real Fine One", which is what they aim for the customers to achieve with every product release. Their maiden drop features three t-shirts. Notable is their white tee with its front design inspired by the U.S. television show Mr. Robot. The other two shirts are both in black, with less of the contemporary approach thanks to the graphic images used. Go to their online store for purchase details. Lookbook photos by Franz Dimaano.


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