19 December 2016

Slaves øf Liberty reinvents boho with its Post-Bohemia Collection

There's probably a lot of things going through your head at the mention of Slave øf Liberty's new collection. Post-Bohemia? What's that? The name itself strikes a sort of polarity – would it be some strange, avant-garde sort of foray? Or would it be more akin to the languid hipster aesthetics that have ironically hit the mainstream?

Thankfully, it's none of the above. SøL's latest line is no mere fashion statement, after all, but a statement of something greater – the nature of freedom. Bohemian fashion, after all, has long been associated with the nomadic spirits of its gypsy originators. But while SøL's reinvention pays tribute to this, its minimalist aesthetics ring a more universal tune; a call to explore liberty in the modern world.

You could see more of the collection in the video above, and from the photos below (Full photo lookbook on GGForYou). For more information on Slaves øf Liberty, check out their Facebook page here.


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