13 December 2016

Young Star's Bagets Birthday Bash for their 20th Anniversary

Ever thought that a roof top can be a time machine, too? Young Star just made that come true with their '90s-themed kiddie birthday party. As Young Star puts it, there's no better way to transition out of its teen years than reminiscing the year where it all started.

Beneath an atmosphere that smells like burgers and fried chicken – we all know a kiddie party isn't a kiddie party without these two staples – there was the vibrant mix of guests clad in their bagets Sunday's best – frilly dresses, suspenders, knee-high socks, name it – topped with a polka-dotted, pastel-colored party hat, of course. If not lounging in the inflatable pools and the ball pit, taking pictures with the party's centerpieces: a festive Combi and the YS Bagets anniversary wall, lining up for food, or trying their luck at the booths, they're summoned in front of the stage to catch their faves bring in all the high school feels – Cheats with their bangin' version of School of Rock’s It's A Long Way to the Top, up-and-coming musicians Manila Magic, and Kitchie Nadal who got our hearts leaping with her surprise performance. To up the energy some more and further tickle the bibo kids in us, the host pulled the classic kiddie party games "bring me" and "longest breath" which the guests, of course, enthusiastically bought. 

In a burst of color, youthful energy, and sugar – quite literally; thanks to the gelato, candies, marshmallows, gummy worms, and the sugar flowers from that classic dedication cake – Young Star reminded us what it's like to be a bagets once more.

Check out our gallery below and the #YSProm 2016 timeline here.


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