30 January 2017

Manila Traffic in a Different Perspective by Rainier Gonzales AKA RGVizuals

A city that's progressive but Manila is where you can experience one of the worst traffic problems in the world. We've heard everything about it, from the woes of commuters and city-travelers, to the famous traffic statement of current Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade, "“A state of mind adds to the problem of traffic,” he stressed. “Let’s stop blaming traffic. If you’re late, that’s that." (Taken from Inquirer.net) With the ever-increasing purchasing power and the competitive automobile industry, it will be difficult to hope for a sudden development in the traffic scenario we have here in the city. However, as resilient as we are as Filipinos, we doubt that this will ever slow us down. So in line with this national issue, we worked with the 24-year old Rainier Gonzales more known as RGVizuals on Instagram to take photos of various places that exhibit Manila traffic to show us that there can be something amazing out of it, at least, visually. In addition, we also talked a bit with Rainier about photography and Manila's role to his vision.

Can you give us a background about yourself?

I’m an aspiring Graphic Artist and Photographer. I really love ART and I want to see myself in a few years to be a good in everything that an artist can do. But for now, I am working as an Office Assistant and at the same time running a small business, which is T-shirt printing and a clothing brand, “Dummy Bear/DUMB”. Photography is not yet my full time job but I shoot every single day. My camera is always with me everywhere I go. After office hours I choose to walk to different places just to take random photos.

What does photography mean to you?

Photography is my passion, it's like an addiction. I will feel that something would be missing in my life if ever I stop taking photos. I started taking pictures at a very young age with my parents' film camera. Then from there I progressed to using mobile phones and eventually a DSLR, which I first used through my cousin. The thing I like the most in photography is the process of being able to capture a moment that may never happen again.

Urban Photography is evident in your work, what made you pursue that?

I initially got inspired by urban photographers from different countries who I follow on Instagram. I was inspired and motivated to pursue it by merely seeing their work. Urban Photography for me represents a very different perspective, it takes many forms and aspects including architecture, landscape, portrait, street, object, design and fine-art photography. I think that’s the reason why I am interested in it so much, the variety and aesthetic is really enjoyable to work with.

How would you describe Manila to someone who has never been in the city?

The best way I can describe Manila is that it is a BUSY CITY. But even if it's a very busy city with a lot of restless people and filthy surroundings, there are plenty of things you will appreciate here, there are many things worth discovering.

What places did you include in this Manila Traffic series?

I shot these photos from EDSA Guadalupe, Quezon Ave., Commonwealth, and Katipunan Ave. I chose this locations because these are the places I could get the perspective I wanted for the series.

Lastly, how is Manila important to your photography?

Manila taught me that there’s beauty in the struggle.


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