19 February 2017

Mahal Kong Pilipinas by Isabelle Landicho

It's not often that you see traditional Filipino fashion successfully made to look contemporary; a lot of times it ends up with the Barong Tagalog worn in a tacky way, or a renowned ethnic pattern used quite oddly and forced on a piece of clothing. I guess, it's not really that easy too. Because unlike other ethnic styles, ours is quite ornate, which in most cases, is more difficult to blend with other designs. But when done right, we believe that it could be pioneering.

"Mahal Kong Pilipinas" brings forth that conversation, of how traditional Filipino clothing can feel more modern. London-based Filipino Stylist and Creative Director Isabelle Landicho, produced this editorial to showcase traditional Filipino clothing to a contemporary audience. Being born in the Philippines and then moving to the UK at a young age, Landicho grew up with a mixed cultural background, which inspired her to advocate diversity in fashion. "Mahal Kong Pilipinas" totally displays that part of her, as she mixed traditional Filipino garments with contemporary British labels worn by Filipino models. On top of that, Landicho also frees the garments of its gender attachments by making a female model wear the Barong Tagalog, while a male model wears accessories traditionally worn by tribal women.

This editorial is made by this team:
Photography Genoveva Arteaga-Rynn @arteagarynn Styling and Creative Direction Isabelle Landicho @lethal_izzle Set Design Matthew Redman @matthew_redman Make up and Hair Rachel Sandler @rachelmsandler Models Ayen Feliciano @lilacayen Trey Alcantara @triqqahappy Gorgonia Landicho @gogogoyit

Vintage Barong from Wolf and Gypsy

Manobo and T’boili tribal beads

T’boili tribal beads

Gown by TGCN

Top and String Vest by Valinda Rai and Kalinga tribal beads

All accessories are provided by the Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Company


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