12 April 2017

Illustrado unleashes their Debut Self-Titled Album to give you that Classic Hip-Hop Sound

Today's boom in the local hip hop scene has captured many listeners and supporters thanks to the music's diverse flavors. The artists currently taking over  has spawned under different genres. For those who long for hard- hitting lines rapped on boom bap beats, then better check out hip hop quartet Illustrado. Composed of emcees Batas, Sayadd, and Goriong Talas, with music from producer Apo Lerma, they just released their first, self-titled album under Uprising Records. The 15-track project is nothing short of finely-crafted, from the musicality of the instrumentals, the lyrics, down to the sound engineering. Peep the music video for maiden single "Hayop" above, while you can also check out the rest of the songs below. Now available at Astrovision and Astroplus, or you can also contact Uprising Records for online orders.


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